Umair Awan Singer Biography, Age, Height, Family, Wiki & More

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Umair Awan (born October 15, 1994 Islamabad, Punjab, Pakistan) is a very talented Pakistani solo singer with a very soothing voice texture, composer and a song writer. He can sing in many genres and is undoubtedly a very talented versatile singer. At the early age of 12 he won the best child singer award held in Islamabad singing great Mohd. Rafi song ‘Rang aur noor ki baraat’. He is trained musician and vocalist and is student of Great legend Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Qawali King). He has performed before large audiences and TV channels.

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Background Information:
Name: Umair Awan
Born: October 15, 1994


Origin: Islamabad, Punjab, Pakistan
Genres: Pop, Rock, Semi-classical, Classical
Occupations: Singer-composer
Instruments: Vocals, Piano, Guitars
Years active: 2002– Present
Early Years in Singing And Education:
Umair’s family was situated in Islamabad, Paskistan. in 1995. He had no background of music in his family. He was a keen listener in his childhood of difficult songs such as classical and thumri based songs. One day while Umair was humming a very difficult song, his father noticed that he could sing and had a very sweet voice. After that Nabeel was admitted into a Music School.. He started to learn music and vocal basics (Classical and Semi-Classical Vocals) from his teachers in school and from his different maestros in Islamabad.
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Awards And Achievements:

In 2011, Umair won the AzmeAlishan national song competition season II, in Karachi, Pakistan. He sung “Yeh Watan tumhara hai” originally sung by Ustad Mehndi Hassan khan sahb. He composed a song for the final round named as “Hai Yeh Pakistan”. After winning the competition, AzmeAlishan team made the video of this winning song, which was on-aired on all TV channels.

Personal Life:

Umair claims to be spiritual rather than religious. He practices fitness and yoga exercises and has been trained in Taekwondo. He has a very nice family consisting of dad, mom, two sisters and four brothers. He is the youngest in his brothers.

Umair is working on his upcoming projects, which will be released and launched

This music sensation struggling his way out, beating the hurdles is today one of the most well renowned musician digitally.

When asked about the same Umair says “the journey was not easy. It’s never suppose to be easy,but the fruits of it are always worth it. So much love and blessings provided by my fans is truly overwhelming and I thank everyone who were there and are there with me through my struggle”